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Internationale Halter- und Züchterliste (auf

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Internationale Halter- und Züchterliste (auf

Beitragvon Horst am Fr 08. Okt. 2010 11::31

Usere niederländischen Anolisfreunde sind dabei eine Halter- und Züchterliste zu erstellen; ähnlich wie sie bereits bei der ehemaligen Anolis contact group existierte. Gesteuert und gepflegt wird diese Liste auf .

Hier die Bekanntmachung von Robert Hoogveld:

Dear Anole enthousiast,

In our joint hobby there are various kinds of anoles in captivity. With many species is there are breeding
results. These animals, either through an intermediary, a shop or a scholarship, go to other hobbyists. Losing
track on the offspring is common. That's not a big problem but if you're looking for a particular species, it
is useful if you know whre you can find it. Therefore it's useful to have a simple database of the species
present in the hobby and where to find them: a "breeder-species-list".

This collection offers those who are looking for a kind of anole an entrance and thereby it gives an
indicative idea of the composition and numbers of anoles in captivity. Obviously the animals which are kept,
but (temporarily) without offspring are also important. The breeder-species-list will initially be hosted at Because our anolis hobby is international it is good to link up with other (mostly Western
European) countries and exchange data. It would be nice to have a database that is managed and is held up to
date by a number of people in and outside the Netherlands.

In the Netherlands two outdated databases exists, that of the former Anolis Contact Group (ACG) and Lacerta
Doelgroep Anolissen. To make the list complete, these two sources can be used.

Anole species information
We ask you if you want to let us know how many anole of which species you have by contact us at Other contact details are not a problem but remenber that the database will be public.
Please indicate how many animals of what sex you have and whether you breed with them. For example: 1.1
Anolis carolinensis + offspring. Please keep us informed about changes in your animal lstock and the database
will be updated twice a year.

Please forward this email to other anole keepers or place it on a forum!

Do you have any questions ? Ask them at or discuss ideas on this topic on the forum of


Robert Hoogveld
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Re: Internationale Halter- und Zuchterliste (auf

Beitragvon _crusly am Fr 27. Apr. 2012 19::28

Big to you thanks for the necessary information.
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